About Us


Harmony & Carata is a New York based handmade jewelry brand that combines excellent craftsmanship, elegant and unique design with natural gemstones of all kinds.

We treat every ring, earring, necklace and bracelet as art. Our collections are inspired by stars, and thus each named after a unique star.

Quality first

All gemstones used in our jewelry pieces are natural. We value the pure uniqueness and beauty of natural gemstones and abstain from using any lab created gemstones.

Our pieces are intuitive, elegant, artful and a sheer pleasure to look at. Our rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are contemplated with all styles in mind.

Humble beginnings

From the perfect earring for everyday use to shining necklaces for the special occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Harmony & Carata serves wearable harmonious elegance with the beauty of natural gemstones set in artfully crafted silver or 18k gold plate over silver.


Our design and production process is handmade using 100% natural gemstones.

Authenticity rooted in culture

We take our inspiration from nature and design our collections with an authentic touch.

Shining gemstones to last a lifetime

Your Harmony & Carata piece will last a lifetime if you show it love and handle it with care.