What you need to know about gold plated jewelry

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Jewelry is generally considered an accessory for completing an outfit. It is generally accepted that an outfit is only complete when the right accessories are added. 

When we think about jewelry, gold jewelry is the first thing that comes in to our mind. The stunning and luxurious look of gold jewelry can add elegance and class to any outfit. However, there is one downside of gold jewelry; cost. Due to increasing gold prices, solid gold jewelry is unfortunately expensive. But do not worry, here is the solution to the problem: gold plated jewelry. 

Gold plated jewelry gives you the outward appearance of gold jewelry, and you do not need to pay a lot of money. It is pretty hard to tell the difference between pure gold and gold-plated jewelry. Therefore it is a good substitute for solid gold jewelry. 

In short, the gold plating process is achieved by coating a piece of jewelry with a thin layer of gold. For example, a bracelet made of silver can be coated with a thin layer of gold and become a gold-plated item of jewelry. 

The first question that pops into mind is: 

Is gold on gold plated jewelry pieces real gold or fake?

The gold layer on the surface of the jewelry piece is real gold. However, the rest of the piece is generally made of silver or another base metal. Ultimately, the answer depends on your perspective.

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of gold-plated jewelry.

Pros of gold-plated jewelry: 

- Gold plated jewelry pieces are affordable. In comparison to solid gold jewelry, gold plated pieces are more affordable.

- Gold plated jewelry looks exactly like solid gold. It is impossible to tell the difference between gold plated and solid gold pieces with bare eyes unless you are an expert. 

- Gold plated jewelry is easy to make and more variable. It has more design possibilities and makes it affordable and easy to follow new trends without spending too much money.

- Gold plated jewelry is strong and durable. Gold is a very soft metal. Thus, gold plated items are stronger than pure gold items because of the base metal under the planting. 

Cons of gold plated jewelry: 

- Gold plated jewelry will tarnish over time. The base metal under the gold plate will eventually come to the surface and become discolored, so it will need to be polished frequently to keep its shine.

- Gold plated jewelry is composed of low amounts of gold, and as a result, it does not have the same investment value (excluding gemstones) compared to solid gold jewelry.

- Gold plated jewelry should not get in contact with water. Exposure to water for a prolonged period can cause the gold coating to wear off. 

In brief, gold plated jewelry is an affordable alternative for solid gold jewelry. The biggest downside is that the coating may wear off in time. But you do not need to worry about that because you can always get the gold plating on your jewelry renewed. 

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